September 17, 2021

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Healthy Snacks to Enjoy with Friends and Family

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healthy snacks enjoy with friends

Group of emotional young people enjoying dinner party with friends and smiling happily sitting at table in dimly lit room, copy space (Group of emotional young people enjoying dinner party with friends and smiling happily sitting at table in dimly lit

The number of diseases and infections are increasing day by day. The quality of food we get at restaurants is pathetically ill. We came across a number of reported incidents where restaurants and cafes are being sealed by the food authorities just because of the low quality food they are providing to their customers is very low and non hygienic atmosphere of their kitchen and cooking area is. Ordering healthy snacks from outside and going out on weekends and with friends and family for dinners and junking is not a sin but continuously eating bad food is injurious to health. There are a number of well reputed cafes who are being on top of the list of the places who are producing bad quality of food. With the world advancing like this, I’m afraid all we’d be eating in a few decades’ time will be chemical in different shapes and forms.


Just take a look around yourself and observe; the crops are growing thrice as faster as they did naturally in the past; even the poultry is taking less than 2 weeks to grow to full size; everything we eat or drink comes in a packing all processed and polished. How is that happening? There is one answer to all these miraculous productions; Science and chemicals. There is probably not even a single thing in our daily lives that can stand without the involvement of chemicals. Is it still hard to answer the question of why we’re unhealthy? The habit of eating bakery items in snack time is very common not in children but in adults too. one is always craving for pastries, cakes and other stuff to enjoy with tea or coffee in the evening.

Eating such things is not wrong but its better to bake them a home. The cakes and pastries have preservatives in them that are very dangerous for our health. These chemicals make them look fresh but actually they are not. Moreover the packaging materials also contains chemical in them which are even more injurious.

All of us are social media for different purposes and we can see a lot of people who are sharing their cooking styles and healthy snacks recipes that are super easy and quick and even healthy too. you would come across a lot of profiles who are providing healthy snacking recipes. Eating healthy is a lifestyle not a thing that can be done in a day or two. You need to shift to healthy and home made food slowly. For that the only thing you need to do is to be passionate to cook. Nothing can stop you to bake and cook at home even better than the bakeries and restaurants. You just need to follow some recipe channels and start cooking. Technology has made it super easy to know everything from cooking to makeup, everything.

Here are some of the healthy snacks recipes that I use to follow for healthy diet.

Iceberg Burger & Sandwiches

Burger? Now you will think how a burger can be healthy? It can be.

Take some chicken mince add spices of your choice some chopped onions and peas and shape it in the form of burger patties. Freeze them for a while and fry by coating them with egg and breadcrumbs. Now place some fresh slices tomatoes and cucumbers of iceberg add the prepared patty and wrap it again with iceberg leaf. Here is your fresh home made healthy burger. Serve it with your favourite sauce.

Take 2 large iceberg leafs , some boiled shredded chicken , sauces like mayo, ketchup , mustard or any sauces of your choice that are available at your home and some sweet corns. Mix the boiled chicken with your favourite sauces and corns put the mixture on one iceberg leaf and place the other one on it. Your healthy snacks sandwich is ready.

Iceberg Burger-healthy-snacks

Healthy Mango Dessert

Are you looking for some healthy snacks and easy dessert? Here it is. All you need it some freshly cubed mangoes , mango puree , fresh cream , yogurt (optional) & condensed milk.

Take a large bowl add mango puree and cream and mix well . now add condensed milk as per taste and mix until a creamy texture is formed. Place the mixture in small glasses garnish it with mango cubes and mint leaves. Place in refrigerator and serve when chilled.

Easy Potato Snack

All you need is : Boiled potatoes, salt, red chilli flakes, garlic powder, chopped onions , chopped green chillies , fresh coriander , mint , capsicum and eggs and bread crumbs for frying.

Mix all the spices , veggies and potatoes. Mix with the help of hands so that it is mixed well and a uniform mixture is formed. Wash your hands and shape the mixture in the form of small cylinders. Freeze the cylinders for some time now coat it with eggs and bread crumbs and fry. Serve them with coriander sauce and tomato sauce and enjoy.

Smoked Chapatti Wraps

Make chapattis with whole wheat flour. Cut fresh vegetables in longitudinal form. You can take carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion , capsicum . mix mayo with mustard sauce and make a uniform paste. Cut some boneless chicken in finger shaped form and marinate it with yogurt, black pepper, salt , red chilli flakes , soy sauce , vinegar , hot sauce and lemon juice. Cover and Place the marinated chicken in fridge for minimum half an hour.

Take a non stick pan add the marinated chicken in it and leave it on low flame for some time. now add a little bit of oil and cook it on medium high flame until the marination is dried and the chicken is fully done. When the chicken is done, place a full burnt coal in the chicken add some oil on it and cover it for good 20 30 minutes. Now prepare chapattis add the mayo sauce place smoked chicken , vegetables and some bbq sauce on it. now wrap the chapatti with sauces and enjoy.

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