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The ideal length for a blog in terms of SEO  is 1,760-2400 words. According to numerous studies in the last 10 years, Google’s algorithm favours more content when competing in competition with short content posts. This helps blog posts that contain more than 1,000 words to rank higher on average, and increasing the average by a significant amount. At the very minimum, Digital Princess blog entries should contain at least 300 words. More than 300 words will prevent the blog content from getting viewed as thin content on your site.


  1. Create a keyword target (use Ahrefs or SemRush to determine what people are searching for (ideally, try to locate things that have a low difficulty)
  2. Utilize an image or video at the top of your page to draw attention of viewers.
  3. Use bold or larger fonts in the opening with provocative questions or hot take or even a promise to entice readers to read on. It’s important to engage your reader!
  4. Utilize bullet points, and then boil the main points down to the headlines to make it easier for readers to read.
  5. Make sure to include the keyword at the start and at the end of your post as sub headlines and bolded to create a natural feel.
  6. Name-your-images-like-this.jpg with keywords, and use alt text with keywords and a description of the image.
  7. Help reinforce your main points by providing facts and examples.
  8. Be sure to answer the shoulder questions’ as well – not just the primary question they asked.
  9. Utilize a link that is short (URL) such as this one: /blog-length/, so that people can share it with friends or switch devices.

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I’ll show you a simple method to create your ideal blog’s length in just three steps over just 10 minutes. I refer to this method as” the The Top Ten average method.’ It simply is taking the top ten posts on your site that attract the most visitors from search engines and taking their average length into consideration.

For the top Ten Average Methods, some might ask: “Why such a simple method?” Because I want people to utilize it! What’s the point of fancy formulas that require powerful tools, if the majority of users don’t have access to these tools? The longer version below employs Screaming Frog and takes you through a much more specific method – however in a more precise and scientific manner. Before you get started option, I’ve concluded that it’s more important to do it than to make it perfectly.

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In the process of implementing the “Top Ten Average Method’ the formula I used was:

33,192 (125×10) = 31,942/ 10, which is 3,194 word was the ideal length for our blog.

1. The first step is to discover your top 10 pages in search using selecting analytics using ‘Organic Search.’

2. Then, select your top Ten blog entries and figure out their lengths with the Word number checker.

3. Calculate the amount of text that you have in the header, footer and sidebars – for me, I came up with about 125 words. I subtracted that number times 10 (1,250) from our top 10 blog posts’ lengths (33,192).

Top 10 Blog post lengths Minus (Header Footer Sidebar length 10,) = Corrected Top 10 blog post length DIVISED BY 10 Equals your most popular blog post length for the year 2019 by using this method. top Ten Standard Method.

What did you come up with using this method? I’d love to add to this post using the responses of people that read it – if you don’t mind taking 1 minute after you get your result and dropping it in the comments below.

If there are enough responses If enough people respond, I could add more content, making the anecdotal information into a more detailed part of the content.

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The most crucial aspect of blogging – whether you’re part of the blogging world or the SEO-oriented niche inside the marketing world is to create material that’s ‘of substance.


What is the definition of content “of substance” mean?

  • Make sure to incorporate fresh concepts in every powerline blog posts you publish Do not just repeat information that other people have already written about. For example, in this blog post I created the ‘Top Ten Average Method for the reason that I thought it would be simple to recall, and maybe it could make the idea of formulating a specific length for a blog post more accessible to anyone.
  • Consider what type of media can enhance the content experience There’s many options that could aid your reader in understanding your ideas such as memes, videos diagrams, gifs, infographics, graphs, calculators, and even quizzes are just a few examples!
  • Really consider what the intent of people searching for the thing you are writing about are looking for and how can you fulfill their need – One time, I wrote a guide about ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’ (the art of getting more visitors to do what you want on your website), and it got traffic for things related to ‘converting files/optimization,’ and I dumbly started to modify the article to be a little better suited for that term by adding variations of the keyword that would get people to click – but the article didn’t fulfill that NEED. So people likely left quickly and didn’t have a good experience on the site. That isn’t good.

In general, you should boost traffic to your website for the things you’re expert in and assist users with – not incessantly increasing traffic just to increase traffic.


There are many ways to boost the word count and yes, in case you’re wondering about it, I’m feeling a little of pressure to ensure my piece is at least as long as my “Top Ten Average’, in order to make it one of my most popular posts also.

1. Check out what Google suggests when you type within the search bar:

Have you taken care to cover all the angles these suggested searches’ could indicate that the people searching?

You might want to consider adding additional elements to your blog post to answer certain of these issues. In the example above, applying this technique in this post I found that readers might be interested in knowing the ideal length of title for blog content due to the standard query’s top search engine optimization blog titles length. Therefore, I’ll say that it’s now under 70 characters so that it won’t be removed from search results.

2. Use the People Also Ask box to optimize your SEO.

In the “people also ask” box, I can see that people are asking “does a blogs aid SEO?’. I’d like to share a few thoughts on this. Yes! I’ve seen my audience grow from 100-200 visitors visiting my website to thousands a day due to blogging, and the majority of them are now clients!

The idea is that you may not have considered the questions that people are asking in relation to the topics you’ve written about – therefore, check out the “people also ask’ section for fascinating and interesting questions you can answer after your article.

3. Make use of ‘LSI graph’ to extend the length of your blog post and provide valuable information.

When I searched for ‘best blog post lengths for SEO’ on the LSI Graph, I came across “blog post length best practices best practices,’ ideal blog post length’, optimal blog post length SEO content length 1000 words blog post the perfect blog post length and ‘average length of news articles.’

While I may not always make use of these keywords to include items at the end of my blog posts I am able to gain background on some of the things that people want in terms of content and possibly identify other perspectives. Do you wish to use the best methods?


If the method you’re using for posting your blog to the world isn’t SEO-friendly, you must be aware of how you can ensure that 100+ people view this article. If you’re not fortunate enough to have loyal readers who return to your blog each day to read your posts (very very rare, actually) You must conduct keyword research and come up with some solid keywords for your post… Or you’ll need an advertising budget in order to increase the visibility of the piece.

FAQS( Frequently asked question)


What is the typical blog post’s length?

The length of a typical blog post of 1,050 word (Source: Orbit Media). A lot of people believe that 500 words is sufficient and 750+ is more desirable while 1,000 or more is the minimum required by many professional websites that are very serious about their content. This, naturally is largely due to Google’s algorithm’s apparent preference for content with more length.

How long are blog posts?

Some experts believe that writing posts that are short are effective to get comments from people if you’re provocative when you ask questions or solicitations to discuss! 300to 600 words might be appropriate under these conditions, even though many professional websites do not accept writing less than 500 words as it’s not coming with a comprehensiveness frequently. It all depends on the subject matter . If you’ve got a list of images, gifs or memes, for example 300 words could suffice and keep visitors in the site long enough to be useful for SEO for SEO purposes.

How long is it to write 500 words?

A blog of 500 words on the subject will typically take between 30 and 40 minutes. If you have to conduct investigate, it might take longer.

How many pages do you think each 500 words?

One single-spaced as well as two spaced. 1000 words is on average, two single-spaced pages and four pages double-spaced. If you can see the way this is broken into greater numbers of pages and words you could break it down easily to any task that requires the same number of pages or words for the assignment.