September 17, 2021

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Why you Must Create Website with 3S Cart Online Store in 2021?

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As a matter of fact, from the start of pandemic, the e-commerce market has boomed exponentially and businesses have the chances to improve the revenue by owning an Online Store in 2021. Not to mention, the smart business owners are shifting their real-time retail businesses to their equivalent online versions. Equally important, you need to do is Create Website with 3S Cart to portray your online presence successfully and earn through online business.

Create Website With Online Store and Enter the Global Market:

To start with a brilliant online presence you must create a website on the platform of 3S Cart and initiate the settings of your online store if you are an existing SMACC customer in 2021. You can avail the incredible opportunity to expand your business by entering the global market through e-commerce business in 2021.

Facilitating the Customer Community of SMACC:

The main idea behind the creation and design of 3S Cart is to facilitate the SMACC’s customer community which is beyond 630000 in number. The customer community is continuously increasing day by day as SMACC progresses with its new and latest features.

“Good Businesses work for the betterment and benefit of their Customers.”

In addition, 3S Cart brings a fabulous chance for the customers of SMACC to expand their business world amazingly to the range of foreign customers. The target audience of such an e-commerce store is worldwide customers coming from different ethnic backgrounds. The online business is operational all the time without any break and the customer service is extremely vigilant and cooperative.

8 Key Features of 3S Cart Online Store:

1. Brand Design:

You can start your brand by creating a peculiar brand name and designing a brand logo. In addition, 3S cart is only the online business platform where everything from brand name to online business operations is customizable. In the same way, the quality of the brand’s products and overall performance is maintained to a high level.

2. Product Management:

Through the Online Store platform, you can manage hundreds of products easily and simply. Your customers can search any online product through easy filters and search bars. Bulk products can be uploaded into your store by using the Excel files.

3. SEO Keywords Entries:

3S Cart store allows SEO optimization to improve the online ranking of your e-commerce store. If online customers try to search for any specific online product and your 3S Cart store will appear on the top list of search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. So every input entry of a product and SEO keywords are also entered to ensure the best SEO of your e-commerce store.

4.  Rating and Reviews Section:

The rating and reviews section allows the honest feedback of your customers. So, other incoming and new customers can take benefit from these reviews. It allows a greater scope of honesty throughout your online business.

5.  Shipping Facility:

Similarly online products after successful ordering by the customers are shipped easily to any location in the world by companies like Aramex or Naqil. Such companies are accountable for worldwide shipments. Moreover, operating your store from Saudi Arabia, you can also offer options like self-pickup and cash on delivery from the physically present store or store owner’s shipping facility.

6.  Payment Methods:

There are various payment methods like the most popular one is the “cash on delivery”. Other payment methods include electronic payment or online payment through renowned credit cards known worldwide.

7.  Customer Services:

The customer services department for your Online Store is 24 hours vigilant and active every day. Any complaints escalated by the customers are recorded in the system and forwarded to the technical team by allotting a ticket number to each issue. For every update of customer’s complaints emails are sent according to the complaint status.

8.  Customizable Themes:

Moreover, with customizable themes feature, the end-users of the 3S cart can utilize the custom themes for their e-commerce store and the sliders can be designed and headers and footers can be customized or personalized as per the requirement of the end-users. With widgets feature, you can add unlimited number of widgets to your store including products slider, products listing, collections slider, collections listing, brands slider and brand listing etc.


You must not waste any time and take fast action by initiating your own brand’s store on the internet. You can Create Website with 3S Cart and avail all the features mentioned in this article. Not only it is a brilliant chance of earning money but also gives your business greater exposure to the international consumer market and their requirements. Standards must be set and attained to make sure that all the customers are fully satisfied with your services. All the thousands of SMACC’s customers can take advantage of this opportunity to grow the online business with the least effort and hassle in the post-pandemic time of the year 2021.